8 Tips on Navigating Instagram

Instagram is a pretty hot social media app right now. You just snap a picture and the whole world can see it. Add some hashtags, tag some people, and before you know it, you’re a viral sensation. Why would anyone buy 50 Instagram likes? How do you even get started? Here are a few tips.

1.    Take colorful pictures

You want to provide value to your followers. You want your pictures and videos to be engaging. Each one of your posts should invoke some sort of emotion from your audience. High quality photos with tons of color are sure to pop off the screen and really make people stop to look at your fee. You may want to buy 50 Instagram likes just to get you started.

2.    Cool it on the filter

Yes, we all know filters look really cool. They can make your skin smoother, or the lighting in your pictures way better. But that trend was old before it even began. People want to see reality on your page. Your pictures should look natural.

3.    Hashtag smartly

Keep your hashtags to a minimum and make sure they go with what your picture. Too many people fill up their caption bar with hashtags. Most of the time the hashtags are irrelevant and they are just fishing for followers. That is not only obnoxious, but it will wind up costing you more followers in the end.

4.    Use the Explore tab

This will help you find new content and see what’s currently trending. The photos on that page are tailored to your searching habits, so you should only ever see things that are interesting to you. You can find new people to follow if you continually check this page.

5.    Post often

You have to keep people interested. The only way to do that is to engage. Keep up a regular conversation with your audience. That doesn’t mean you have to post several times a day though. Once a day, or even every other day, is more than enough to keep your page in people’s mind.

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6.    Use Direct Messaging

These are private messages that only you and the other person will see. Much like private messaging on Facebook, use this feature to hold actual conversations with people.

7.    Interact

It’s great to post pictures every day, but no one is actually going to get to know you unless you interact with them. Answer their comments, direct message them, let them pick your outfit. Reply to their comments, you can even go check out their pages and give them a few likes.

8.    Keep up with trends

Hashtags are great, but they won’t always be trending. You need to keep up with what’s popular or you risk losing followers. No one wants to hear you talk about how much you love NSYNC when the new thing right now is Backstreet Boys. You can stay current by checking out the trending topics and just surfing the app in your leisure time.