Why The E-Cigarette Is Better Than Nicotine Stains

Count the years. Count the number of years you’ve been smoking. If you’ve been smoking no more than, say, five years, you might just have them. If you’ve been smoking all your life and you’ve lived this long to be reading this now, you will probably have them.

Even you have to agree; it looks quite disgusting. You can wash it off, but why bother; it’s a really tough nut to crack. You’ve just about given up trying to get rid of those yucky looking nicotine stains on your fingers and you’d rather carry on smoking, if you don’t mind.

But never mind this. Never mind the health risks. No-one needs to remind you of the surgeon general’s warnings. You’ve read them to death. How could you miss it? It’s in full view of you every time you pull another fag out of your cigarette pack. Why not do this then? Read the warning labels just once more, make it the last time you’re doing this, because maybe, just maybe, you’ll never be buying another pack again.

Don’t gasp. Really, it can happen. And let’s face it; you really did want to stop before. Only you couldn’t, see. Ask any habitual or chain smoker and you’ll know it’s really extremely difficult to give up smoking. And ask them to show you their fingers. Disgusting! Awful looking brown nicotine stains on the fingers that usually hold your cigarette. It will undoubtedly appear if you’ve been a smoker for this long. Smoking an e-cigarette, on the other hand, is a whole lot better than smoking tobacco and nicotine fuelled cigarettes.


Now, those electronic devices will also have warnings. Those warnings, however, won’t be coming from your surgeon general. This might be good news for those of you who are still struggling to give up nasty nicotine stained and lung damaging smoking.

The health authorities cannot make up its mind whether smoking e-cigarettes is as bad as smoking was before. The thing is there is still nicotine involved.

That’s entirely up to you. The e-liquid solutions that go with your e-cigarettes can include nicotine. But the nicotine content is substantially less than the content of your tobacco and paper cigarettes. There will still be risks, but it stands to reason that it will be greatly reduced. Now, if you truly want to eliminate the risk, you can take it a step further.

You can smoke e-cigarettes without nicotine content at all. But you must be warned. It’s never going to taste the same. The buzz will be gone. But so too will the cravings. You may even find yourself smoking only occasionally. Tests have shown that those who take up e-cigarette smoking have been able to give up smoking altogether. This may happen to you as well. But if this is your desire, it may require some patience on your part.

Because the habit does take its time to die.